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Black Lion Inn, Bersham

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For the history of the Black Lion Inn, Bersham from 1814 when the property (which comprised of two houses and a garden) was owned by John Jones a tailor, to 1953 when it was owned by the Hydes Anvil Brewery please click this link

Circa early 1900’s - ‘Bersham Pub Regulars

1912 Map showing the ‘Black Lion’ Inn

The photographs below were all supplied by Teresa Williams. A massive thank you Teresa for sharing all these long lost memories. Brilliant…

L-R back row - Carol Adams, Mavis Evans, Fay Evans and Flo Morgan.

          middle row - Teresa Williams, Derek Powis, ? Kim ?

          front row - Tracy Williams, Bryan Williams, Nicky Adams.    1988

Ladies Darts - Ann Jones, Judith ?, Amanda ? Doreen Grey, Christine ?, Sharon ?, Hazel Evans,

                                 Maureen ?, Mavis Evans, Teresa Williams, Sheila ?, Flo Morgan, and Sandra Morton   1988

Hospital Darts   Derek Powis, Sharon ?, Flo Morgan, Paul ?, Mavis Evans, Amanda ?, Chris Williams, and Terry Meacock.

Charity Day  1988

Walter, Roy and Jackie 1989

L-R  back row.  Graham Morgan, Christine Ryder, Ivor Williams.

              front row.   Roy Sears and Harry Edwards.   1990

Childrens Christmas Party

Charity Day 1988

Kevin, Graham, and Alan

Eric Ryder, John Morton and Jean Kelly

The Gough Family, and Graham Peters and son Christopher.

Eric Ryder, Chris Ryder, Chris and Coleen

back row L-R Carol Adams, Mavis Evans, Terry Meacock.

middle row L-R Derek Powis, Fay Evans, Flo Morgan and ?

front row  L-R Tracy Willams Gavin Adams, Bryan Williams, and Nicky Adams.

L-R Roy Sears, Teresa Williams, Trevor Morris, ? Jean Kelly, Gaynor, Lynn, ?  ? and Bryan Williams.

L-R Eric Ryder, ?  ?  Barbara Collins, Malcolm Hughes

L-R Graham Collins, Coleen,Chris  Anita, ? ?

Peter, Teresa, Knobby and Alan

Neville, Kevin, Eric, Denise and Christine.

Les, Pete, Chris

Graham, Denis, Maureen Christine and Peter

Steve and Bill

Peter Sears, Val Morgan and Meryll

Steve Jack, Chris, Barry Grey and Kevin Thomas

Den, Patrick, Kevin and Diane

Megan Humphreys, Evan Jones, Ruth, Annie Jones, Gwynedd Thomas and Sam

Sandra Morton, Teresa and Meryll

Sabre and Ernie Cartwright

Roy Sears

Chris, Sharon Morgan and Carol Adams

? and Les Tunnah

Ernie Cartwright

Raymond Downward, Walter, Roy, Ernie and Bryan

Ladies Dart Teams Canal Trip

L-R Ann Jones, Christine, Maureen, ? Mavis, Judith, ?  Fay,  Flo, Amanda, Sandra, Sharon, Doreen, Teresa, ?

1987 - Tracy and Steve Christmas Day

Pete Sears Darts knock out


Sandra Morton

Roy Sears


Hydes Anvil Bitter….a potent potion!

Chris and Tracy

I have walked this bridge a thousand times and it has never lost it’s charm!

Children’s Party --- Anna Suckley , ? Jackie Powis

L-R  Megan, Annie, Gwyneth, Jean, Mrs Jones, Dolly ???

Christine, Graham, Ivor and Colleen

Charity Day Summer 1987

L --R  ? ? Lenny, Ivor, Graham, Chris, Ronnie, and Pete.

Charity Day 1987

Four Pubs, plus Johnstown Youth Football raised £1045 for the Nia Heym Appeal. Cheque presented at R.B.L. Bersham  plus a charity concert at R.B.L. Bersham.  L --- R Beryl Downward ( Black Lion, Rhostyllen ), Chris and Teresa Williams ( Black Lion Bersham ), Billy Williams ( back ),Graham Davies ( Top Pub ), Richie Lloyd, Beryl Jones (Swan Rhostyllen ), Tony Sanderson Johnstown Youth Football, Ellen Davies Top Pub, Mike Stewart Johnstown Youth Football, Colin McCole, concert organist.

Maelor - Sandra, Flo, Sharon and Teresa  £250 presented to the Prem Baby Unit.

Pete, Les, Harry, Meryll, and Roy

Trevor Morris, ? Don and Allan Pemberton

Neville, Don and Sheila

Mavis and Diane singing ‘hi ho silver lining’

Bryan and dog Sabre (immediately above in snow). Top - Kevin Gough in snow.

Mavis and Diane

Barbara, Sharon, Hayden and Ernie.


Ken and Flo

Kevin Gough

? ? Carol, and Steve ?

Sharon Morgan and Graham Peters starting a sponsored walk to the City Arms

B-B-Q Meryll

The ‘Pied Piper’

Meryll, Graham, Carol and Harry

Meryll, Graham, Carol and Harry

B-B-Q   Ivor cooking

Chris and Steve

Chris, Gary, Steve and Carol.

Gary, Tracy, Chris and Steve

Doreen and Sandra.

1964 - Black Lion Inn