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1910/11 - Infants

1910/11 Infants-

1915 - Girlschool


1920’s - Girlschool


1949 - Who is the mysterious girl in the window?


1950 - Football Team

1950 - Netball Team

1950’s - Girls Sports Day

1970’s - Me in the third row, third from the right (Nice Hair!)


1980’s - Christine Roberts


1980’s - Old Infants School

1975/76 - Football Team (What was I doing wearing Manchester United socks!)

1976/77 - Football Team

(The ball was like kicking a lump of lead, the shirts were years old but I always used to look forward to playing! Tiger & Scorcher, Shoot and Look-in days!


1980’s - Old Infants School

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1912 Rhostyllen Infants Council School “Full Timers”

1947/48 Rhostyllen School

1953 Rhostyllen School Secondary Modern

1954 Rhostyllen School Infants

1954 Rhostyllen School Infants “Nap Time”

1957 Rhostyllen School Secondary Modern

Rhostyllen School Photographs



1936 - Rhostyllen Infants School Band

Back row, Surname Frances, Wilfred ( Esless), No 3?, Eldon Williams, No5?, Lily Weir, Vera Morgan. Middle row, Vic Sear, Arthur Griffiths, Philip Owen, Audrey Weager, Charlie Williams, No6?, Godfrey Evans, Kath Rowlands, Willy Thomas.  

Front row,  Vera Hutchinson, Mary Baker, Lillian Williams, Joan Naylor, Eluned Jones, Gwen Evans, Gwyneth Evans, Joan Roberts, Doreen Massey.  Conductor, Gordon Jones.

1911/12 - Rhostyllen Infants School (Full Timers)

Circa early 1900’s - Possibly the opening day of Rhostyllen Infants school ?

Circa early 1900’s - Possibly the opening day of Rhostyllen Girls School ?









1960 - 61

1953 - Rhostyllen Secondary Modern School Football Team

1960 - Rhostyllen School Football Team

Circa 1980 - School Sports Day

Circa early 1950’s - Rhostyllen School Football Team

1950’s - Rhostyllen School

Back row: B.Morgan, T.Jones, T.Evans, A.Jones, T.Arnold, T.Williams, V.Thomas

Front row: D.Williams, C.Williams, G.Hughes, T.Williscroft, J.Clutton

Back row (1) J.Povah, B.Burke, D.Lewis, V.Thomas, G.Hughes

(2) J.Edwards, T.Arnold, A.Abraham, M.Roberts, C.Morris, D.Jones, B.Hughes

(3) H.Jones, C.Rowlands, Miss Smith, F.Nicholas, K.Jones

Front seated: D.Gilbert, D.Lloyd, J.Clutton, D.Williams

1970 Rhostyllen School Football Team

Back row: Neil Hughes (killed in action in the Falklands War), Martin Thomas, Phil Roberts, Alan Jones, Paul Cooper, Les Austin, Brian Badwick

Front row: Steve Price, Colin Jones, Steve Downward, Tony Challoner, Melvyn Roberts, John Hignett

1971 Rhostyllen School Football Team

Back row: Dai Roberts, Kelvin Morgan, Keith Thomas, Brian Badwick, Paul Brown, Phillip Taylor.

Front row: Colin Denny, Tony Williams, Phil Roberts, Phillip Stevenson, Mark Jones, Martin Williams

1971 Rhostyllen School Football Team

Back row: Mark Jones, Paul Brown, Brian Badwick, Kelvyn Morgan, Jeremy Evans (emigrated to Australia), Phillip Stevenson

Front row: Keith Thomas, Tony Williams, Phil Roberts, Dai Roberts, Colin Denny

1970’s Rhostyllen School Rugby Team

1980’s - Rhostyllen School

1977 - Rhostyllen School Sports Day

1980 - Rhostyllen School

1980 - Rhostyllen School at Christmas

1974/75 - Rhostyllen School

1974/75 - Rhostyllen School

Back row - Robert Lodwick, Christopher Hughes, Ervil ? ('Sir', teacher), Ian Jones, Carl Pemberton, Kevin Roberts

Middle row - Nigel Cooper, Christopher Evans, Grant Jones, Michael Jones, Mark Williscroft, Andrew Hughes

Front row - Keith Williams, Gary Lee Williams, Melvin Williams

   Fourth row: Gerald Bradley, Andrew Haynes, Victor Thomas, Paul Pritchard, Richard Tressidar, Michael Turner,James Anthony Ingram,Joseph Worthington, David Powis (R.I.P), Carl Hughes, Mark Sears. Third row: John Roberts, Kevin Jones, Shaun Roberts, Lynn Leonarde, Helen Youd, Faye Evans, Lynn Williams, Victor Davies,   Henry Rees, Michael Taylor. Second row: Janet Lamoth, Karen Hewitt, Marie Wright, Sarah Morgan, Tracy Jones (R.I.P), Trudy Mayers, Lucinda Mottram (R.I.P), Jayne Williscroft, Maxine Thomas, Lynn      Griffiths. First row: Mark Jones, Barry Rowlands, Mark Jones, Barry Cooper, Kevin Thomas, Mark Blower (R.I.P), David Pritchard, Graham Williams, Philip Sandford.

1951 Rhostyllen School Netball Team

1951 Rhostyllen School

1955 Rhostyllen School Football Team

1978 Rhostyllen School

1949 Rhostyllen School Football Team

1959 Rhostyllen Secondary Modern School Football Team

Back row: Cyril Jones, Ernie Williams, Eric Jones, Glyn Cooper, Bryan Badwick, Arthur Simpkins, G.Williams.

Front row: Brian Worthington, Derek Jones, Georgie Evans, Bryn Blower, Cliff Sear

1975 - Rhostyllen School

Teachers: Mrs Williams (L) and Mrs Jones (R)

Back Row: Lorraine Harrison, Andrew Williams, Kevin Davies, Carl Thomas, Stuart Williams, Geraint Price, Lisa Evans

Third Row: Sean Denovan (RIP), Helen Jones, Christopher Cooper, Karen Morgan, Steven Baker, Sean Broad, Philip Steen.

Second Row: Tracey Stevenson, Susanne Jones, Alison Jones, Joanne Dodd, Sharon Morgan, Lisa Jones, Nicola Powis, Michelle Pritchard.

Front Row: Elizabeth Jones, Ann Thompson, Andrew Williams, Paul Stevenson, Darren Jones, Gary Haynes, Alison Ellis, Donna Edwards.

1970’s - School Field

1949/50 Rhostyllen School

Back row: David Riley, Elaine Edwards, Tudor Williams, Kathleen Williams, Malcom Hughes, Keith Jones,

Next row: ?, Raymond Keenan, Graham Norgrove, ?, Barry ?, Barry ?, ?, Tessa Hewitt, Isabel Hoosen, Brian Hughes

Next row: Mary Jones, John Humphreys, Terry Williams, Jimmy Clays, Tony Williscroft, Jean Oldfield, ?, Graham Walker

Front row: Stanley Jones, Oriel Woolham, Freda Baker, Eleanor Jones, Gwyneth Leadbetter, Gareth Williams, Stuart Hughes

Photograph and names kindly supplied by Bob Leadbetter.

Back row: Gareth Williams, Jim Clays, Eleanor Jones, Margaret Ellis, Isabel Hooson, Kathleen Hanmer, Kathleen Williams, ?, Oriel Woollam, Tessa Hewitt, Elaine Edwards, Bobby Hughes, Stuart Hughes.

Middle row: Freda Baker, Ann Williams, Margaret ?, Ella Leadbetter, Margaret Hughes, Mary Jones, Margaret Edwards, Elaine Platt, Elaine Rogers.

Front row: Terry Williams, Roy Williams, Colin ?, Ella Jones, Stanley Baker, Colin Williams, David Riley, Tony Williscroft, David Harper.

Photograph and names kindly supplied by Joan & Jim Clays

1958 Rhostyllen School

1934 Rhostyllen School

Photograph and narrative kindly supplied by Peter Archer (Korean War Veteran) from The Smithy, Pentrebychan.

1972 Rhostyllen School Football Team win the Aston Cup

1972 - Rhostyllen Primary School win the Wrexham & District Schools’ F.A.’s Aston Cup, defeating St Giles Junior School 2-1 in the final which was played at Rhosddu School.

Eleven year-old Philip Roberts, captain is carried shoulder high by his jubilant team-mates.

The Rhostyllen Team: Bryan Badwick, Keith Thomas, Kelvin Morgan, David Roberts, Philip Taylor, Tony Williams, Philip Stevenson, Philip Roberts, Paul Brown, Colin Denny, Mark Jones, Martin Williams and John Thomas.

The St Giles Team: Robert Williams, David Murray, Nicholas Ross, Steve Smith, Gary Tweedie, Andrew Harden, Keith Williams, Steven Roley, Keith McBurney, Anthony Jones, Robert Smith, John Burrows and Terry Tweedie.

1947 Rhostyllen School Football Team

1977/78 Rhostyllen School

1973 - Rhostyllen School U13’s Section Winners

1984 Rhostyllen School Nativity Play

Including Jo Budgett, Angelina Blower, Sarah Mort, Kelly Williams, Jamie Stewart, Andrew Walker, Nicky Adamson, Sarah Evans, Andrew Roberts, Joanne Roche and Lisa Saunderson

1979 - Rhostyllen School Pet Day

1983 - Painting at Rhostyllen Nursery School

1933 Rhostyllen School

Top row: Margaret Jones, Margaret Hogan, Elsie Owens, Gladwyn Meredith, Jessie Badwick, ?, ?, ?

Third row: Ted Morris, Gerald Price, ?, Les Brimfield, Harry Lloyd, ?, Howell Williams, Raymond Jones.

Second row: Doris Bowen, Hilda Simpkins, ?, Nancy Weir, Mary Wright, Nellie Phillips, ?, Lillian Williams, ?.

Bottom row: Harvey Shone, Eddie Haynes, Cyril Williams, ?, Eddy Massey, ?, Norman Clay.

Many thanks go to Ian Lloyd for sharing his Father’s collection with me

1905 - 1906 - Rhostyllen Girls Council School Full Timers

No names apart from B.Jones marked with an ‘x’