A history through pictures

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Circa Early 1980’s. Den “the milk” on his rounds in School Street. Note the stylish Austin Allegro in the background!

Circa Early 1980’s - Godfrey’s Shop. From left to right Dai Owens, Godfrey Evans and Henry Hughes. Here you could buy cigarettes individually!!

Circa Early 1980’s. Stan Coppell on his rounds!

Circa Early 1980’s. Tecwin - Outside the now demolished Britannia Depot

Village Characters galore!

Raymond Downward - Poetry in motion!

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There were once so many “Village” characters about but now not enough in my humble opinion.

Circa Early 1980’s Mr Bill Humphreys. He used to keep a shop on the corner of Church Street and Spring Road. The shop was really a room in his house with jars of sweets on offer! I loved his “Black Jacks”! I think he also used to deliver newspapers?

Circa Second World War - The Photograph is of P.C 80 Jack, (John Henry). Parry.  

“Although his name was John, he was always known as Jack. He was the local "Bobby" at Rhostyllen for a number of years and was described as "A hard copper". He passed away some time ago and I guess the photo was taken during the Second World War” - John Williams (Jack was John’s Uncle)

Les Williams at Esclusham Bowling Club where ‘the customer is never right’!

Ralph Coppell

Stan Powis