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1912 - The Lloyd Children

Joseph William aged 9, Gertrude Minna aged 2 and Edith Sarah aged 7. These children lived in Wrexham Road, Rhostyllen.

1920’s - Home Farm workers

(My Grandad, Vic Haynes is pictured in the back row with a cigarette in his mouth!)


1952 - Coronation

1933 - Roberts Wedding

1935 - Muriel Phillips Wedding (Policemen were tall in those days! and note the bricked up windows to avoid the Window Tax) - Owen Roberts (centre right)

1968 - Blackpool

1938 - Parish Clock unveiling

1937 - Opening of the Senior School?

1948 - Megan Roberts Wedding -Outside of the Old Vicarage

1949 - Play

1952 - Tabernacle Chapel Deacons

1954 - Holiday Eve Play

Concert in Church Sunday School

1980’s Bersham Garden Party

Jack Roberts and Vic Haynes (My Grandad)

1930’s - Tabernacle Garden Party at Esless Hall

1930’s - Bryn Heulog Concert or Play

1940’s - Pensioners Party at Parish Hall

1950’s - Queer Street Play

Circa early 1970’s - The Sound of Music with Clive Sutherton and Hilary Smallwood

The Boy’s Brigade

Rev. Clive Sutherton & Wife

Rev. “Reg” Smith

Shooting Party at Pentrebychan Hall

1980’s - Tabernacle visit to Bersham Colliery

1980’s - Gardening Club (Dennis Massee & Ivor Roberts)

1950’s - Wedding of George Davies & Brenda Howells

Tabernacle Sunday School Opening

Tabernacle Christmas Concert

Tabernacle Party

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This section contains all the miscellaneous photographs that did not fit into the other sections contained within the website.

1950’s - Rhostyllen “Golden Sunbeams” Morris Dancing Team

Back row: 1 Violet Jones 2 Gwenda Hughes 3 Margret Steen 4 June Evans 5 Sheila Powis 6 Sheila Williams 7 Carol Jones 
Front row: 8 Doreen Edwards 9 Val Cooper 10 Lillian Ryder 11 Eileen Britten 12 Kath Hogan 13 Beryl Jones.

1930’s Party in the Parish Hall

1951 - Rhostyllen Carnival  - Ivor Roberts cycles from Erddig Hall to raise funds for the Memorial Gardens (23/06/51)

1949 - Evans Family (11 Trevor Avenue) Holiday at Rhyl

1934 (taken August Bank Holiday) - Salem Chapel Sunday School Trip to Southport

1950’s - Rhostyllen & Bersham British Legion (Bersham)

1985 - Esclusham Brownies

Bank Holiday Coal Carrying Race

1930’s - Arthur, Bill, Megan and Pat Humphries. Spring Road is in the background. There was a family shop on the corner of Church Street

1973 - Squire York on Carnival Day

1980’s - Esclusham Scouts

Martin Thomas, Vic Thomas, Dai Hughes, Tommy Wright, and Eddie (Swell) Hughes

Bill Humphreys with Bull Nose Morris

Arthur Humphreys

Arthur and Megan Humphreys with children Pat and Arthur.

1962 - August Family Gathering

1985 - Vic Thomas and Dickie Williams in the Middle Pub

A party at Bersham Legion? (Mrs Crawford?)

1982 - Esclusham Brownies

The Old Tailor’s Shop - School Street

“The photos were taken in School Street as the family house was there, London House ( now called The Old Tailor's Shop) My mother's uncle was the tailor, Joe Williams. He lived and worked in the house , his sister, Leah also lived there. She was the village midwife” (Margaret Morris).

1920’s?- Unknown, possibly Vicarage Hill?

Eliza Jane Humphreys and Edward Humphreys (Ted) at the back of 26 Church Street with unknown boy

Rhostyllen & Bersham Patriotic Committee

Late 1970’s - Early 1980’s - Rhostyllen Morris Dancers

Dorothy Kelly (nee Wakelin) & Patricia Steen - Henblas Road (1955)

1959 - Graham Kelly & Dorothy Wakelin

Outside of 36 Wynstay Crescent (mid 1940’s)

Allen “Alf” Pugh with nephew Eldon Williams

Back row: Mary Ellen Wakelin, Richard Williams (Dick) Frances Williams (Nance), Rebecca Angus (Rebe). Front row: Leah Huggins, James Williams (Jim), Sarah Jane Williams (The Williams Brothers & Sisters)

Station Road in the background

“Courting” on the bridge by the Colliery

1998 - Holy Trinity Church (St David’s Day celebrations)

1954 Rhostyllen Folk Dancers

1974 Apple Blossoms Morris Dancers

1990’s - Mrs Megan Rogers, Mrs Olwen Lloyd and John Sandford - Evans in the backgarden of the Old Post Office (New Black Horse in the background)

The Wedding of Audrey and Eddie Haynes (My Mum is far right at the back)

1966 - Brownies (Outside Parish Hall with Pleasant Terrace in background)

Back row from the left... Denise Edwards , Ann Lewis, Gaynor Roberts , ?? ,Yvonne Roche, Karen Jones, Alison --- , Susan Jones, Christine Russell , Joan Littlehales , Rosemary ---- , Gillian Roberts , ?? , Janet Morgan , ?? , Janet Edwards , Lyn Williams.
Sitting down. Wendy Trevor, Patricia Davies. Shirley Jones, Erica Franke and Marilyn Riley

1960 - Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs Jo Lloyd

“60th Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs Jo Lloyd (my greatgrandparents / the parents of Mr J W Lloyd) on 11th July 1960.

Front Row left to right : Mrs Eleanor Roberts, Mrs Olwen Lloyd (my Nan), Mr J W Lloyd (my granddad), Mrs Maud Lloyd and Mr Jo Lloyd (senior), Mrs Ede Griffiths (J W Lloyd's sister), Mr Bill Griffiths and Mrs Griffiths (Bill' mum)

Back Row left to right : Mr David Griffiths, Mrs Dorothy Griffiths, Mr Geraint Lloyd (my uncle), Miss Margaret Hodgkins (J W Lloyd's neice), Mr Hodgkins, Mrs Minna Hodgkins (J W Lloyd's sister), Mrs Heulwen Sandford-Evans (my mum), Mr John Sandford-Evans (my dad), Miss Christine Lloyd (my aunt), Anne (fiancée of Gwyn Griffiths), Mr Gwyn Griffiths” - Jane Summers

Circa 1916

“This must have been taken around 1916. The children are my Nan, Olwen Lloyd, and her sister, Megan Rogers (who owned the Post Office). J W Lloyd eventually married Owen Roberts' eldest daughter Olwen, who used to help her father in the Old PO when it was still the village post office”- Jane Summers

“Aunty Jane Roberts is in black with Mrs Eleanor Roberts and Olwen Roberts Seated with dog is Owen Roberts” - Geraint Lloyd

“Front Row from the Bridesmaid (my mum) : Heulwen Lloyd, Mervyn Rogers, Megan Rogers, Monica (Meg's best friend), Eleanor Roberts, not sure about the man, the boy is Geraint Lloyd and behind him in a scarf is my Nan, Olwen Lloyd. Peeking out behind my mum is my grandad J W Lloyd” - Jane Summers

“This is the wedding of my grandparents, J W Lloyd to Olwen Roberts (Owen Roberts daughter) on 21.9.1933.” - Jane Summers

Owen Roberts, J.W.Lloyd, Bob Roberts, Fred Pritchard and Tudor Williams (back row) .Front row : J.R.Williams, Rev R.R. Thomas and Shem Price.

Mrs Maggie Griffiths and her husband Richard (Coal Merchant) who used to live in the brick bungalow at the top of Spring Road (inset) and the air raid shelter which was in their back garden (the air raid shelter still exists today but the bungalow is no more)

Rhostyllen Villa F.C.

E.Roberts, D.Williams, J.Williams & V.Thomas

Middle Pub F.C.

V.Thomas, T.Arnold & D.Williams

For more information on football in Rhostyllen click here

1977 - Silver Jubilee Party at the Scout Hut, Spring Road

Back: Andrew Hughes, Kevin? Baker, Norman (Nobby) Thompson (clown), Victor Haynes and Anne Haynes (my Grandad and Gran).

Front: Bob Wills, Martha Elizabeth Roberts and John Osborne Roberts.

1969 - Rhostyllen Football Team on their holidays at the Golden Sands, Towyn

“From left Elwyn Evans, 3rd David Roberts, his sister Beryl,then her husband Raymond” - Ann Evans

“From left Elwyn Evans, David Roberts, Rhys Thomas, Beryl Downward (nee Roberts), Raymond Downward, Stephen Downward and Dave and Frankie Robert’s Mum” - Ann Evans

“Elwyn on the right, his brother David in centre and friend Mike Hurst from Caergwrle. Mike and Elwyn worked together at Bersham foundry” - Ann Evans

Thomas William Jones is on the top row, fifth from the left, under the A in 'Coaches' (aged 29). My mother, Ceridwen, is fifth from the left in the middle row of women, with the white hat (aged 21)” - Eryl Jones

“Mrs Cheetham on left with Nancy Parry, Neville Cheetham, Owen Roberts, Frank Cheetham, Mrs Rogers senior, J.W.Lloyd, Heulwen Lloyd bridesmaid, Frank Rogers senior, Monica Cheetham. The groom's father Frank Rogers senior is in the back row”- Geraint Lloyd

Mrs Hughie Phillips is on right with Mervyn Roberts, Mrs Walter Williams and Joan Williams in the middle. Front row is Gaynor Williams with her brother Tudor.

In the 1949 play : 3rd from left back row is Mrs Hughie Phillips (buses), Mervyn Roberts and Cliff Cave playing the vicar on right. Seated front row is George Davies next to Brenda Howell and Joan Williams far right

From the left Mervyn Roberts, Dorothy Wakelin, Ewart Cave and Cliff Cave.

1950’s - Parish Hall Event

Including: Arthur Simpkins, Stan Coppell, Garfield Turner, Den Jones, Raymond Allman, David Ferhurst, Arthur Hignett, Terry Bellis, Den “DB” Jones, Freda Lodwick and Gaynor Williams.

1960’s - Janice Haynes & Steven Green (Henry Street

1950’s - Frank Jones (Henry Street)

1950’s - Thought to be the Top Pub?

1950’s - Same land lady with shield - possibly a football trophy won by the Top Pub??

Photos supplied by Kev “German” Jones from his Dad’s collection

Late 1970’s - Decorating the Church

Middle Pub Memories

1950’s - Dai and Mabel Evans on the car park of the Middle Pub

1950’s - Jack Daley and Mabel Evans in the Middle Pub

1980’s - Mark Williscroft, Lamothe, Steve Downward, Alan Jones, Karen Pritchard, Wevin and Shaun Roach

Rhostyllen Boys on holiday in Blackpool (late 1950’s)

Left to right: Phil Cooper, Terry Evans, Terry Lamothe, Elwyn Pritchard and Vic Thomas

1949 - Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Morfa Camp, Harlech - John Osborne Roberts (right)


Right to left: Malcolm ‘Mansion’ Roberts, Betty Russell (formerly Roberts) and Edith Pritchard (formerly Roberts)

Early 1960’s - Gill Hughes’ Party at 22 Tudor Avenue

Including: Gillian Hughes, Ian Pritchard, Karen Pritchard and Julie Pritchard

1974 - Ian Pritchard’s back garden in Trevor Avenue

Left to right: Martin ‘Monkey’ Morris, David ‘Rebel’ Norgrove and Peter ‘Pugsley’ Jones.

1980’s - Rhostyllen & Bersham Royal British Legion

Poppy Appeal

Back row: ?, ?, Mrs Rich, ?

Front: Brenda Jones, Evelyn Steen, Mary Edwards, May Evans, Margaret Crawford, Ethel Roberts.

Joan & Noel Littlehales

1985 - Rhostyllen & Bersham Royal British Legion Women’s Section (formed 20/09/35) - Recognition award for 50 years good service

Brenda Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs M Parry, Mrs Daley

Nesta Griffiths, Edith Platt, Mair Williams, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Wooley

Mary Edwards, Evelyn Steen, May Evans, Pam Jones, Mrs Rich

Margaret Price, Nancy Edwards, Mrs Collins, ?, Mrs Hughes

Esclusham Brownies

Bill Roberts holding the shield on both photographs.

1960’s - Top Pub Darts Team

Back row:  Gwilym Pritchard   George Hughes(mica)   Les Faircloth (Landlord)

Middle row:  M. Steen  Bill Jones (Dobbins)  Hayden Williams   ? Jones

Bottom row:  Wilfred Pritchard   Billy Bates   Glyn Weir.

Photograph kindly supplied by Lawson Pritchard

1966 - Boys from the ‘Village’ on holiday

1993 - Bersham Hall (last days under Council ownership)

Back row: Kim Hatton, Dorothy Lesberel, Jen Thomas, Barbara Edwards and Glenys Powis.

Front row: Beryl Roberts, Gwyn Price and Ann Kelly.

Geof Clutton - Landlord of The Swan Inn

Late 1960’s to early 1970’s building a Betting Shop behind The Swan

1940’s - Geoff Clutton

The Badwick Family (Mid to late 1950’s)

“Let to right top.....My Grandad Frank, Jack (Dolly’s husband ) Aunty Dolly , Janet  (Dolly’s daughter ) My Gran Winifred,  Aunty Vi , Aunty Jessie ...... Front Elaine (Jessies daughter ) Cyril  (Jessies Husband  ) Pam (Vi's daughter ) My dad Bryan and Cyril Vi's Husband. ...  not sure of the dogs name but he was my dad's”                Bryan Badwick

Mid to late 1970’s Middle Pub & Bersham Legion Memories - Photographs kindly supplied by Terry Thompson.

1970’s - Esclusham Cubs/Scouts?

Early 1970’s - The ‘Wall’ at the bottom of Ferndale Avenue

Photograph courtesy of Grant Jones. I kicked a football against this wall many a time as a kid growing up in Ferndale Avenue. Grant and Tina Jones are pictured here but who are the other three? One of them looks like a member of  the Cooper family?

Tony ‘Dicky’ Williams says “can’t be, but 99% sure my brother Andrew is next to Tina Jones and the blonde girl on the end is Paula Cooper I think the little lad in the middle is Nigel Cooper Paula’s brother”

From the back: Vic Thomas, Geoff Samuel, ?, ?, Patrick Collins, Stephen Hughes, Steve Valentine, ?, Phil Sandford? And Andrew Haynes. I think?

Circa 1985 - Some original Twankers in the Top Pub

Albert Powys, Derek Powys, Davi Chris and a young John Williams.

1983 Middle Pub Dartathon

Photograph from Wrexham Bygones

1960’s  - Esclusham Wolf Cubs and Scouts

Above is the Spring Road street scene in 2018. This is approximately where the two black and white photographs shown above where taken. Note the old pre-fabricated bungalows which used to stand where the new bungalows are situated today.

1979 Darby & Joan Club at the Parish Hall

My Gran and Grandad are on this photograph. 1979…such happy days. Many thanks go to Wrexham Bygones for this photograph.

1981 Middle Pub Memories

1960 Women’s Institute

1976 - Old Time Music Hall Concert, in the Sunday School

“The song was Al Jolson's famous ‘Mammy’, I remember singing it! If memory serves, it was an Old Time Music Hall concert, in the Sunday school in, I think, around 1976”  - David Evans

1927 - 1st Esclusham Scouts Opening

1976 - Oklahoma

Mid 1970’s - Tidying up the Churchyard

14/03/1975 - The Hairless Vicar

1949/50 - Rhostyllen Amateur Players

1953 Aberoer Institute Christmas Party

Back row: Mrs. Wooton Davies (Bronwylfa Hall), Mrs. Cooper, Keith Turner, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Brenda Price, Moira Dutton, Sheila Burnell (Wern), Valerie Archer, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Miller.

Middle row: Unknown, James Roberts, Graham Turner, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Front: Joyce Roberts, unknown, unknown, Geoff Price, unknown, unknown, Glyn Price

Can anyone supply the missing names?

Many thanks go to Brenda Price for supplying this photograph

1986 - Charity Football Event

Marie Thomas, Angela Williams, Debra Jenkins, Kevin ‘Birdy’ Thomas, Michaela Downward, Mandy Hughes, Chris Hughes, Vic Thomas, Mark Williscroft, Beryl Downward, John Badwick, Chris Evans, John Thomas, Phil Jones, Tony Williams, Mark Powis, Michael Mottram, Kevin Lamothe, Nigel Jones, Adrian Pemberton, Steve Downward, Terry Williams, Del Austin, Chris Tudor, Ian Blower, Emma Roberts, Andrew Roberts, Martin Jones, Jason Griffiths, Ashy Powis, Colin Bellis, Justin Thomas

Maureen Williams, Sheila Cooper, Glyn Cooper, Dickie Williams, Joe Cooper, Gwyneth Lloyd, Raymond Lloyd, Elsie Cooper, Doris Cooper and Graham Cooper

As a kid growing up in Ferndale Avenue I know many of the people in these photographs.

I love the old beer names of ‘Double Diamond’, ‘Mackeson’ and ‘Skol’.

Many thanks go to Ian Lloyd for sharing his late Father’s (Raymond Lloyd) photographs with me.

Date and venue unknown

Joe Cooper, Raymond Lloyd, Glyn Cooper, Gwynedd Lloyd, Elsie Cooper and Sheila Cooper.

Many thanks go to Ian Lloyd for sharing his late Father’s (Raymond Lloyd) photographs with me.

1977 - 1980? Bersham Legion

Includes: Gwyneth Lloyd, Mrs Thompson, Lilian Roberts, Nellie Evans, Brenda Carr, Ann Williams and Mrs Lamothe.