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Village Fete and Carnival

This section contains a wide and varied collection of photographs and information relating to Rhostyllen & Bersham Fetes and Carnivals. It is a great that the Esclusham Community Fete has been revived and long may it continue! However, the photographs below were taken at a time when Health & Safety did not exist! Does anybody remember or have photographs of the year that the inhabitants of the “Village” chased a greased pig on carnival day? It was too fast for me! The colour photographs featured below are circa late 1970’s to early 1980’s. I am sure that this section will bring back long lost memories for many (including myself!).

1931 Carnival Rose Queen

1952  Ann Lloyd (Carnival Queen)

1952 Carnival

1952 Carnival







1931 Carnival Rose Queen

1931 Lorna (The Rose Queen)

1932 Rose Queen

Circa 1951 - Jean Baldwin (May Queen)

1977 Village Fete (Vic Davies and Michael Turner)

Late 1960’s to early 1970’s?

1981 - Carnival Queen

1957 - Carnival (Ralph Coppell)

1950’s - Pat Humphreys Carnival Queen with Marjorie Woolley in background.

1957  and  1952- Newspaper Clippings


Back row: Yvonne Griffiths, Rebecca Mullock, Hilma Wright, Lorraine Hughes, Susan Hughes, Claire Roberts, Cathy Roberts. Front: June Coppell, John Roberts and Tina Coppell

Cliff Wooley & Ralph Coppell

1947 - Rose Queen

“With help of Gaenor Davies nee Williams, who lived in Westbourne, opposite the Vicarage, we have come up with the following identities. Hopefully others will fill in the blanks when it's published.

I'm 5th from the left and on my right is Glyn Jones, Thomas William Jones' son. Betty Edwards, my cousin 4th right. Miss Lil Edwards our Infants School teacher is at the back, extreme left. The little girl in a satin sailor dress is Gaenor Williams having been chosen to present a bouquet to Mrs Wootton Davies of Bronwylfa Hall, her husband was a business man in Liverpool. Next to Gaenor is Pam Cullis, School Street. Lady behind me is Linda Bates from Henblas Road. Behind Betty Edwards is Joyce Blake from Esless Farm, she moved to Cheshire. Then Derek Rowlands 5th left next to Pat Mansley, lady in waiting behind Pat is Jean Timberlake, Mill Terrace Bersham. Lady in waiting behind me is Eleanor Voyce. Next to Glyn is Beryl Jones, she had an older sister a nurse and a brother Neville, next to Beryl, June Williams, Rosemary Crescent, she had sister Shirley, Rosemary and brother Gareth. Think the Queen was Joan Naylor” - John Povah (July 2015)

1940’s - Carnival with Patricia Roberts as Rose Queen (second from left back row)

1980’s - Carnival

1936 - Rhostyllen and Bersham Fete Programme

At this time the Rhostyllen & Bersham branch of the British Legion was situated where the goalposts are on the football pitch, Vicarage end. So the ‘Villagers’ would have had to walk up to Plas Power Hall in Bersham.

Piano Smashing at the Village Fete!

1999 - Esclusham Carnival

Programme kindly supplied by Ian Pritchard.

Programme kindly supplied by Chris Williams.

The above three photographs kindly supplied by Nicola Stretch.

1950’s Fete Parade - Celmar Grove - Photograph kindly supplied by Chris Williams

1953 Carnival - “Harry Morgan’s shop in the background (Henblas Rd below the butchers)” - Nigel Jones

1940’s Carnival Queen

1947 - Rose Queen (25/07/47)

1948/49 Holy Trinity Church Fete

Photograph and names kindly supplied by Bob Leadbetter. From left to right: Gwen Rowlands, Jean Sloane, Pat Williscroft, Olive Rowlands, Evelyn Leadbetter, Elaine Platt, Brenda Trevor, Sheila Kelly, Marion Hignett, Eric Ryder, Francis Jones, Ella Leadbetter, Tony Williscroft, Brenda Parry, Phillipa Edwards, Gwyneth, Shirley Williams, Doreen ?, David Jones, Thelma Hewitt and David Lewis

1982 Carnival Queen

From Linda Steen, Claire Louise Williams, Hilma Morgan and another?

1972 - Rhostyllen Fete & Carnival

From Mrs Collins, Patrick & Elizabeth Collins, Carol Samuel, Andrea Edwards, Mrs Lionardi, Jane Roberts and Geoff Samuel?

From: Shaun Roberts, Raine Grunwald, Anna Moccia, Peter Edwards, Geoff  Samuel, Henry Rees, Lisa Jones, Tracy Thomas, David Evans, Deb Crawford, Jill Roberts, Jane Samuel and Sharon Hughes.

1973 - Rhostyllen Fete & Carnival

1977 - Rhostyllen Fete & Carnival

1981 - Rhostyllen Fete & Carnival